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Hämeen Kattopinta Oy is a prominent Finnish corporation, specializing in the construction and resale of buildings as well as in roofing. The company's headquarters are located in Hämeenlinna, in Southern Finland, and it also has field-offices in Oulu and Kittilä in Northern Finland.

The company is best known for its roofing-related services, including construction, restoration, and maintenance of various types of roofs. It has a track record of continuous, busy, and successful business activity in roofing starting from 1977. Together with its same-family-operated services, it is the largest roof-painting operator in the Nordic countries.

The company has completed numerous demanding roofing projects, including on culturally and historically valuable public buildings. Its roofing projects completed include e.g. the Nordic Countries' largest dome-roof made of copper, located in Oslo, Norway. The company has completed roofing projects also outside Continental Europe, including in Iceland and the USA.

Hämeen Kattopinta Oy is renowned for its work efficiency and high level of craftsmanship, including for instance in the use of copper and sink. Its patented inventions include a roofing shingle made of copper, a component that enables the construction of roofs in a puzzle-like and extremely durable fashion.

Roofs made of the company's copper-shingles have been built for instance for churches and for bell-towers of churches. To all of its customers, Hämeen Kattopinta Oy provides a warranty for all of its works.

save money - fix your roof, DON'T build new

At Hämeen Kattopinta Oy we offer end-to-end roofing services in Finland, nationwide, from roof maintenance, cleaning, sealing, and painting to the construction of new roofs, depending on the requirements of your roof. Well-done cleaning, sealing, and painting of roofs are important because roof replacement can be an expensive affair. You can save a lot of money by appropriately protecting your existing roof.

Your roof protects your house from external elements. But, what protects your roof from these elements? Effective seal- and paint-jobs do. Sealing and painting a roof creates a layer between the roof and the environment, protecting the roof from being exposed to rough weather conditions, and acting as a strong waterproofing agent. Not only does the protective layer make your roof stronger but it also ensures that the roof stays visually appealing for longer.

When it comes to roofing jobs, it is important that they are done well and by experienced professionals. For instance, any lapse in any little corner of a roof-sealing can cause the entire seal to gradually peel off. This can expose the surface of the roof to damaging external elements and leaks, and - consequently - the interior of the house to mildew.


Pictured below on the right is a roof that needs repair. On the left, the same roof is shown after it has been pressure-washed and its holes have been sealed and its rust-spots have been rust-painted and the entire roof has been given a green-colored base-coat, a primer. After those work stages, the roof is painted twice with a surface-finish paint.




• Construction, cleaning, sealing, and painting  for all types of roofs;

• Use of high quality materials and state of the art work methods;

• Thoroughly professional and cost-effective service, with well-trained and certified roofing personnel;

• Long warranty on all works completed, and references from satisfied customers starting from 1977;

• Estimates free of charge:  (0)50 543 2782